“Thank you everyone. Hello. Greetings. Greetings. Welcome to the World Happiness Summit. Im happy to be here. Who else is happy to be here? Raise your hand. (crowd raise hands). Yeah. There we go. Theres some. Some hands aren’t up. We’re at the world happiness summit. (laugh!). My name is Jayme Illien, and in 2011, over a multi month period, I, in collaboration with our team, which included Ambassadors from a great many nations, successfully secured the support of all 193 member states, to adopt resolution 66/281, ‘The international day of happiness’,

“The international day of happiness is now celebrated every March 20, also the date of the vernal equinox, a universal phenomenon felt by all of humankind, simultaneously, and marking the beginning of spring, and a period of renewal and new beginnings, for all. Promoting happiness as a fundamental human right, and goal, for all human beings, and as a new economic and political paradigm, with the potential to solve many of the challenges that we all face together as a global community, and as human beings”