Ten Steps to Global Happiness

#TenStepsToGlobalHappiness | #HappinessForAllForever | #TenBillionHappy by 2050
Step OneShare Your Happiness



1. Tell Everyone

On March 20th, be sure to wish everybody a Happy International Day of Happiness!

Face to face, this wish and a smile will help to spread joy and awareness of the celebration.

Use our social media kits to advance the day on your pages and profiles.

News and media outlets, please see our press kit for quotes, photos, and other information.

Happiness is a fundamental human right; happiness forever is a fundamental human goal.


Tell everyone.

2. Do what makes you happy.

Happiness is Contagious.

The #InternationalDayOfHappiness is your day to do what makes you happy.

Being free to make life choices, giving, exercising, spending time with friends and and family, taking time to reflect and meditate, helping others, and spreading happiness to others are all great ways to celebrate Happiness Day.

Focus on the positive energy around you, and your attitude will spread quickly.

Do what makes you happy.

3. Pledge to create more happiness in the world.

Pledge to Create Happiness


Sign the International Day of Happiness pledge to create happiness throughout the world, and add your name to this epic global movement to secure our fundamental human right!

**your signature**

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1,871 Ms Emelia G. Ghana Mar 22, 2019
1,870 Ms Jodi L. Avoca Beach, Nsw Australia Mar 21, 2019
1,869 Mr adesegun d. Lagos, Lagos Nigeria Mar 21, 2019
1,868 Ms Sabrina W. Menlo Park, California USA Mar 21, 2019
1,867 Dr. International Professors P. Boca Raton, FL United States Mar 21, 2019
1,866 Ms Bethel T. Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Mar 21, 2019
1,865 Ms Karin S. Oberkochen Germany Mar 21, 2019
1,864 Dr. Alex W. alsager, cheshire United Kingdom Mar 21, 2019
1,863 Ms Kay D. Oak Park, IL United States Mar 21, 2019
1,862 Ms Josephine A. Jena, Germany Germany Mar 21, 2019

4. Celebrate a #HappinessWeek event.

5. Share your happiness with the world

Use instagram hashtags #tenbillionhappy, #internationaldayofhappiness, #happinessday, #choosehappiness, #createhappiness, or #makeithappy to spread happiness, then look for your post right here!

6. Promote the Resolutions.

Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development

International Day of Happiness

7. Host an event during Happiness Week

The next International Day of Happiness takes place on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019. We are currently taking event submissions from across the globe to build a calendar of events surrounding this year’s celebration.

Please fill out the form on this page to submit your event, and we’ll publish it when we release our event calendar. We can’t wait to see how many events we can promote!

Even Submission Form

8. Advance the Global Goals

9. Badge In on your channels.


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Share happiness by spreading smiles with this cheerful kit


Join an icon in raising awareness with these images from HQ


Peace, Love, and Happiness for All, Forever.

10. Come back on Earth Day (April 22nd)

Happinessday.org is committed to advancing the United Nations call for Global Happiness and the Well-being of all life on Earth, including the advancement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about the future of happiness as a global development paradigm for the planet we call home.