Happiness Day. Every Day. For All of Humanity, by 2050.
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"The pursuit of happiness is serious business." - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2015


The International Day of Happiness is an annual celebration of happiness as a fundamental human right and goal for all of humanity. This year’s theme, #TenBillionHappy, sets our sites on the year 2050, when it is projected that 10 Billion people will inhabit the Earth.

Our goal is to inspire, develop, and promote initiatives with global citizens, governments, nonprofits, NGOs, and the private sector, to secure Happiness for All™ by 2050. We hope you will join us and contribute to our cause.

Happinessday.org is committed to promoting and advancing the initiatives of all our friends and family in the Happiness Community, and we’re happy to count you as one of us!

Do what makes you happy.

Smile, share, eat healthily, exercise, be grateful, give back, think positively, spend some time with friends and family, spend some time alone, be mindful, dream, listen to music, say thank you and mean it, compete, be charitable, say “all the more” instead of “nonetheless” – you get it. Do what makes you happy.

Spread happiness.

While you’re doing whatever it is you do that makes you happy, don’t forget to do whatever you can do to make others happy! Happiness is contagious. A simple smile can make even a stranger’s day much brighter. You’ve seen the Coca-Cola commercial, right? It’s not a gimmick. Watch it; you will smile! Spread happiness.

Tell everybody.

There are more than 7,300,000,000 (that’s 7.3 BILLION+) people on this planet. Each one of them has the right to happiness, and not all of them know it. Tell them. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your boss – hold your government accountable for securing your happiness. Tell yourself, and remind yourself: happiness is a fundamental human right, and happiness for all is a fundamental human goal. Tell everybody.

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness

Article 2 of UN Resolution 66/281: International Day of Happiness

Invites all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system and other international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate awareness-raising activities.

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness.
Every March 20th, forever.

Support our campaign partners.

Since the International Day of Happiness was established in 2012, thousands of happiness initiatives all over the world have emerged to celebrate and promote its values. Happiness Day’s annually increasing success is due in every way to the organic uprising of mission-based organizations including NGOs, government programs, private sector marketing campaigns, and community-based movements. You can find a small sample of them in our Partners section. Support our campaign partners.

"The pursuit of happiness lies at the core of human endeavours." - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2013

1. Pledge to create more happiness in the world

Pledge to Create Happiness


Sign the International Day of Happiness pledge to create happiness throughout the world, and add your name to this epic global movement to secure our fundamental human right!

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1,407 Miss Eman B. Jeddah Saudi arabia Feb 19, 2019
1,406 Ms Pinky S. Monroe, NJ United States Feb 17, 2019
1,405 Ms Janet K. Cambridge, On Canada Feb 13, 2019
1,404 Ms Helen M. Warrington, Cheshire United Kingdom Feb 11, 2019
1,403 Ms Jesah Christa M. Iloilo City, Iloilo Philippines Feb 06, 2019
1,402 Ms Ali E. Cairo, Cairo Egypt Feb 06, 2019
1,401 Ms Kayo R. St. Paul, MN United States Jan 28, 2019
1,400 Ms Diana Caribe C. Tulum, Quintana Roo México Jan 28, 2019
1,399 Ms Andreea B. St Ives United Kingdom Jan 26, 2019
1,398 Ms Regina S. San francisco, California Usa Jan 26, 2019

Founder Jayme Illien

“This day was created to mobilize the Global Happiness Movement”


CTV News Interview | Happiness Day 2017 | Transcript


“Happiness is your birthright”


UN General Assembly | Happiness Day 2015

2. Share your happiness with the world

Use instagram and twitter hashtags #internationaldayofhappiness, #happinessday, #choosehappiness, #createhappiness, or #makeithappy to spread happiness, then look for your post right here!

"Happiness is your birthright." - Pharrell Williams, UN General Assembly, Happiness Day 2015 | Watch Video

is March 20th, every yearforever. Founded in 2012, the United Nations created the International Day of Happiness through adopting UN Resolution 66/281 in order to achieve two goals:



for addressing the complex, interrelated challenges faced by humankind in the ultimate quest to achieve happiness.


the principles outlined in UN Resolutions 65/309 and 66/281, especially that happiness is a universal human right and goal.

Happiness: towards a holistic approach to development

International Day of Happiness

"By contributing to common good, we ourselves are enriched." - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 2013

The next International Day of Happiness takes place on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. Until Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, we will be taking event submissions from across the globe to build a calendar of events surrounding the sixth celebration of the day.

Please fill out the form on this page to submit your event, and we’ll publish it when we release our event calendar. We can’t wait to see how many events we can promote!

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