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Luis Gallardo of World Happiness Summmit: “Jayme, six years ago, was able to bring together 195 countries, and get the United Nations to create the International Day of Happiness. And the International Day of Happiness is March 20, forever, thanks to Jayme.”

Jayme Illien: “Thanks to you. Thanks to you. Thanks to you. Thank you everybody. Yeah, as Luis said, about six years ago, I had the tremendous honor, privilege, and pleasure, of approaching the United Nations, and convincing all 193 member states, and the secretary general, to create an international day of happiness. Its celebrated every March 20th. So it is (crowd cheering), absolutely incredible to bring all of this together, the first ever world happiness summit. Lets continue the positive energy. Continue to shine light into the universe. And, thats it!.. wooo (crowd cheering).

I just want to say, Thank you so much everyone.