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Audience member: Congratulations.

Jayme Illien: Thank you. Thank you.

Audience member 1: “How did you..where did you get the idea from?”

Jayme Illien: “You know what. The idea came from a lot of different things.

“But mostly, actually from my own personal history, I grew up working with orphaned and abandoned children, and i was one of them actually, I was rescued from the streets myself. I always have been thinking about solutions to the challenges that put children there, and to me, happiness was the answer. So bringing a UN resolution to the United Nations was..its all about happiness for everyone, isnt it. The entire human family.

Audience member 2 : Can I take a photo?

Audience member 3 : Can I take a photo of you with her?”

Jayme Illien: Yes of course!”

Audience member 4: “Look what you did”

Jayme Illien: “Uh honestly, its you. Its people. And it’s the importance of happiness that allowed me to do it. It was difficult. But it wasn’t as difficult as you might imagine because, it’s natural. And so happy that it worked out. Really. You know the international day of happiness was very much about making sure there is an annual day to continue promoting the idea of gnh for countries, right. How do you ensure that there is a continuous conversation going and thats why we did the day as well. .. Just wishing you a happy international day of happiness, I encourage you to celebrate happiness as a human right and fundamental human goal for all. So celebrate the international day of happiness. Thank you.”